Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Should I be back to blogging in my mid twenties?


It has been a very long break from this blog. I am currently heading towards a different direction in life, having different purposes to look forward every morning. Oh wait i should correct this, it is not different, but more. Yup. That is what it is. More directions and more purposes.

There are so many things happen while I took the time off. My beloved grandma passed away at the end of Ramadhan. My sis-in-law is already in the third trimester of pregnancy. My baby bunnies all grown up, already having third batch of their children. I am a proud grandma (and a bad one cause i sold them kids).

I had also moved to a different city, JB. But every other day i will still miss the business of KL. And ironically the people and the food. Weird. Years spent in KL I had always been complaining the pricey food, the selfish people, the dirty apartments. Always saying and longing that i will be back to my hometown and so proud of it. Well JB isn't exactly my hometown but i used to be so fond of it. Now that i am living the reality, it hits me. It does not always take where you are born to feel at home. it is where you are most comfortable, most relaxed, and definitely most happy.

For now, i really miss KL. maybe its the lack of time to spend and get to know Johor that i haven't found the meaning of this place to me. Maybe not the time yet.

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